An innovative and interactive cross border training for lawyers



Highly-qualified lawyers are of crucial importance for the effective functioning of national and EU justice.

LAW-Train will be essential for achieving such goal and helping you to expand your business across Europe.

The Law Train consortium –a partnership between Universities and Bar Associations of six different Member States – will offer practice-oriented training activities for lawyers and instruments for self-learning free of charge.

The training modules will focus on key topics of Regulation No 1215/2012, Brussels I Recast, such as jurisdiction over cyber torts, jurisdiction on internet marketing and over consumers, cross-border interim and provisional measures, as well as key topics of Regulation No 2201/2003, Brussels II, in the light of the recast proposal such as jurisdiction, lis alibi pendens, children’s hearing, fragmentation of the recognition and enforcement regimes.

The training will be offered free of charge, both in the language of the hosting Member State and in English, to improve the trainees’ linguistic skills, and to promote the sharing of practices through the exchange of trainers.
Alongside the Practice-oriented training seminars, in order to facilitate the self-learning process, the consortium will create an innovative set of 14 PowToon explainer videos in seven EU official languages on the topics covered by the face-to-face training. At the same time, participants will be provided with a book of case-studies, drafted in English, freely available as an e-book on this website.


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